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Founded in 2006, Na Laje Filmes is an audiovisual production company created by executive producer Regina Campos. Over 18 years in the market, it has produced feature films, television films, TV series, advertising, and branded content. A creative hub, Na Laje Filmes has a team of authors and directors dedicated to telling good stories.


Na Laje Filmes adopts the highest market standards and believes that love is the main force that drives the world around. We ground our practice on respect for suppliers, employees, and associates. We prioritize a nurturing and secure environment within our projects, placing particular emphasis on preventing harassment in all its forms, fostering diversity and inclusion, and embracing plurality in the composition of our teams.


Na Laje has built, throughout its history, a diverse and compelling curriculum with the market, players, platforms, public financing bodies, and Ancine.




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Bachelor's in Sociology from USP and Advertising from FAAP, with 30+ years of experience in the market, founding partner and executive producer of Na Laje Filmes, she has produced feature films, children's series, and documentaries, awarded and licensed by TV Channels and Platforms.

This year, she delivers the live-action children's series “The Wealthiest Boy in the World” on Nickelodeon and the documentary series “Arquitetura Hoje!” on Canal Arte1.

Furthermore, embracing a new challenge, she is producing the documentary series Cacilda Becker: Fúria Santa, a project included in the Paulo Gustavo Law Editorial.

Regina Campos


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Claudio Moita is a seasoned advertising professional with a degree from FAAP and over three decades of industry experience. Since 2019, he has served as a Producer at Na Laje Filmes. Before this role, Cláudio contributed as a co-author and researcher for the feature film "Mestre Cabelo" (2017) and collaborated on the research and script development for "Ayahuasca, Expansão da Consciência" (2018). 

Currently, he oversees Na Laje's business pipeline, fosters relationships with key stakeholders, and drives creative collaborations with authors, screenwriters, and directors. Beyond his professional endeavors, Claudio is also a musician and accomplished soundtrack composer. Notably, in 2024, he is delivering the live-action children's series "The Wealthiest Boy in the World" premiering on Nickelodeon, along with the documentary series "Arquitetura Hoje!” airing on Canal Arte 1.

Claudio Moita